01.Our Company

Sunstrata exists to bring solar energy to apartment buildings for the first time. Our game-changing solar solution breaks down the barriers of cost and complexity for apartment residents, so they can finally be part of the solar revolution.

We’ve made solar sharing easy and affordable by coupling brand new technology with a revolutionary finance model. It means one solar installation can provide electricity to numerous apartments. Plus, we take care of installation and maintenance with no upfront costs or nasty surprises.

Our Story

Combining game-changing technology and finance

Our managing director, Jason Dow, is an experienced player in the solar industry. He’s seen thousands of homeowners in detached houses go solar, while apartment residents kept missing out. The technology simply wasn’t ready and the complexities too difficult to solve. With approximately one in 10 Australians living in apartments, Jason knew a solution was needed.

When Jason came across SolShare – Australian-made solar sharing technology – he immediately saw the benefits. Finally, the technology for solar sharing had caught up. But he knew cost was also a limiting factor. That’s why Sunstrata is partnered with Energy Terrain to provide solar through Power Purchasing Agreements.

02.Our benefits

  • No Upfront Costs

    $0 Outlay
    Installation of the rooftop solar system and solar sharing technology is covered by a power purchasing agreement.
  • No Hidden Costs

    $0 Repairs
    Sunstrata takes care of all operation and upkeep expenses for a fixed term. It’s all part of the power purchasing agreement.
  • Significant Savings

    Apartments buy energy from the system at far lower rates than from electricity retailers, typically saving upwards of $1/day.
  • Cost Certainty

    0 years
    The rooftop solar power is charged at a fixed rate over a fixed term – typically providing 10 years protection from rising energy costs.
  • Eco-Conscious

    Solar is a clean, renewable source of energy. Apartment residents can finally go solar at home to contribute to a more sustainable, enviro-friendly future.
  • Better NABERS Rating

    A NABERS rating measures the environmental performance of buildings. Solar improves ratings, which is directly associated with increased property value.

03.How it works

Sunstrata will install a large solar system on the roof of any apartment building and couple it with new SolShare technology. Apartment residents can access low-cost solar energy immediately. There is no upfront cost. Owners simply approve a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) starting from approximately $1.40/day that covers installation, maintenance and operation for 10 years.

  • Sunstrata will come to your building to conduct a detailed site survey. This takes about one hour and looks into access and installation options, including existing metres and switchboards.

  • Sunstrata develops a proposal for all owners and residents to consider. The strata manager will call an official meeting of the owners corporation to seek a formal vote to accept the proposal.

  • Sunstrata takes care of all applications and regulatory requirements before installing and commissioning the solar hardware and SolShare system. Residents update their plans with their existing energy retailer if they want the solar feed-in tariff.

04. Who we serve

If you live in or have an interest in an apartment, you can benefit from going solar with the low-cost, hassle-free Sunstrata solution. We take enquiries from anyone keen to make a change for their building. Whether you’re an investor, owner occupier or tenant, you have the power to take the lead.

  • Your clients will value your approach to sustainability. Retain properties and attract new business with the promise of hassle-free solar energy and a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Lower your electricity costs from day one without having to spend anything upfront. Get live monitoring of your power consumption to empower better choices.

  • Enhance your investment without capital expenditure. A solar installation will improve your property’s value, and you can claim the PPA cost as a tax-deductible expense.

  • Get more control over your carbon footprint. Advocate for solar power in your building to save money and save the environment.

Our partners

The Sunstrata solution is made possible by our partnerships with Allume Energy and Energy Terrain. Allume is the brains behind SolShare, inventing it so millions of apartment residents could finally access clean energy from the sun. Energy Terrain is the expert in Power Purchasing Agreements, making it possible for us to get around the cost and ownership barriers of solar sharing.


A word from our happy customers.

Investors, strata managers and people living in apartments have been waiting a long time for an easy way to share solar energy. Now that we’ve made it possible, we certainly have people talking. Here’s what they’re saying…

We’ll be helping to contribute to getting renewable energy so from an environmental point of view that is really great. But also for the owners and residents here, we’re able to save money long term. It’s been great partnering with the team on this exciting solar project.

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