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    With rising energy costs continuing to increase the pressure on home budgets, getting this  investment right is critical. This is why Sunstrata invests the time to get to know your unique  situation so we can make recommendations that save money and give you long-term control of your  home’s energy expenses.  

    We discuss:

    • Roof space and orientation
    • The last 12 months of energy bills
    • Ask about future plans (new pool, AC, growing kids)
    • How much control do you want?
    • How much of your bill do you want to save?

    Based on this, we make recommendations on technology options and sizes of systems, and we only  recommend technology at the quality end of the market, for they perform better over time. All  systems come with real-time monitoring. 

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    Proposal Development

    Based on the information collected from the consultation, we develop a proposal and provide detailed financial modelling of this investment over ten years.  

    We provide:

    • Annual savings
    • Net present value calculation
    • Internal rate of return on your capital
    • Average daily energy profile of production and consumption
    • Panel layout and system design

    Plus, much more. Results matter with this investment. Sunstrata provides you with a clear, easy-to understand investment proposition. 

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    Accepting Proposals and Applications

    Once the proposal has been accepted, Sunstrata will:

    • Apply to install this system onto the grid.
    • Approval can take one day to a few weeks.
    • In the meantime, we order the stock for the installation.
    • Book a tentative date for installation.
    • We confirm the install date once approvals have been granted.

    We take care of everything to prepare for the installation. 

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    Installation and commissioning

    On the day of installation:

    • Arrive on site and do a walk-around with the client.
    • Install the system over one to two days, depending on the size and weather.
    • Sunstrata assists with downloading the app for communications. Real-time monitoring gives  you the tools to maximise the value of the energy produced on your roof.
    • Post-installation, we do a handover pack with all the warranty information.
    • Apply to swap your meter for a solar meter with your retailer.


    Finally, we check in at six months and twelve months to check system performance and how much  you are enjoying the savings!


World-class technology.

For homeowners, picking a high-quality solar system is a game-changer! The reliability of a solar  system is a key factor in achieving energy independence and reducing the costs and emissions of conventional energy sources. Prioritising high-quality components and installation involves less  

maintenance, fewer surprises, and more savings on your energy bills. Quality solar systems translate to long-term reliability and durability. 

There is no substitute for Quality.

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