01.Our Company

Sunstrata exists to bring solar energy to apartment buildings. Our game-changing solar solution is designed to break down the barriers of cost and complexity, making it easy for apartment residents like you to be part of the solar revolution. We’ve combined cutting-edge technology with a revolutionary finance model to ensure that solar sharing is straightforward and affordable.

With our approach, a single solar installation can now provide electricity to numerous apartments, making it a sustainable and efficient way to power your building. The best part? You won’t have to worry about any upfront costs or nasty surprises. We take care of everything – from installation to maintenance – so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of solar energy hassle-free.

Even if a cash purchase isn’t feasible, our innovative finance model allows you to embrace solar energy without breaking the bank. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to a greener future, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring solar to apartment residents like you.

So, join us on this journey to a cleaner, greener future. Together, we can make a significant impact on the environment while also saving on your electricity bills. Let’s work together to power your apartment building with clean, renewable energy – the Sunstrata way.

We’ve made solar sharing easy and affordable by coupling brand new technology with a revolutionary finance model. It means one solar installation can provide electricity to numerous apartments. Plus, we take care of installation and maintenance with no upfront costs or nasty surprises.

02.Our benefits


Rooftop Solar Panels

Generating green energy to save money and emissions for everyone in the building.


Sol Share

A smart technology capable of distributing solar energy to all apartments. It solves all the issues of getting solar installed onto a common roof of an apartment building.


Solar Power Purchasing Agreement (SPPA)

No upfront investment. No anxiety over who handles the system. No performance or maintenance issues. No headaches at all, only low-cost energy, guaranteed.

02.Our Options

  • Capex
    • Ownership: Purchasing outright means you can benefit from the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), which can significantly reduce the overall cost.
    • Long-term savings: once the system pays for itself through energy savings, its electricity becomes essentially free.
    • Flexibility: Owning the solar system provides flexibility in potential system upgrades.
    • Higher return on investment: receive the full financial benefits of the electricity it generates. As electricity prices increase, your savings on energy bills will increase.
    • Increased property value: Owning the system can increase the resale value of your property.
    • Future-Proof Your Energy Needs with Batteries – With the savings, you can invest in a battery for additional savings and energy security.
  • Financing
    • Financing – Zero down, you become the system owner and are responsible for the system’s administration. 
    • Long-term savings: NO upfront cost to purchase the solar system, it becomes a long-term investment (typically 20-25 years). The system pays for itself through energy savings. 
    • Flexibility: You have full control over the system and can tailor it to your specific needs. 
    • Higher return on investment: you receive the full financial benefits of its electricity, leading to a potentially higher return on investment over time. 
    • Increased property value: A solar energy system is an attractive feature for potential buyers, so owning the system can increase the resale value of your property. 
    • Warranty and maintenance costs – owner’s corporation will be responsible once the warranty period ends. 
  • SPPA
    •  SPPA-Solar power purchasing agreement, buy the energy and peace of mind, not the hardware. 
    • No warranty costs- never pay a thing under an SPPA for warranty issues the entire term. 
    • No maintenance cost- all maintenance costs are covered under an SPPA for the entire term. 
    • No administration – No anxiety over who is responsible for the system. Sunstrata and energy terrain monitor the system for the entire term. 
    • SPPA rate locked- The rate of the SPPA never increases for the term, so as power prices rise, savings grow. 
    • Increased property value with no hassle- move in or out, buy or sell with no interference from the system on the roof.



03.How it works

Sunstrata will install a large solar system on the roof of any apartment building and couple it with new SolShare technology. Apartment residents can access low-cost solar energy immediately. There is no upfront cost. Owners simply approve a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) starting from approximately $1.40/day that covers installation, maintenance and operation for 10 years.

  • Sunstrata will come to your building to conduct a detailed site survey. This takes about one hour and looks into access and installation options, including existing metres and switchboards.

  • Sunstrata develops a proposal for all owners and residents to consider. The strata manager will call an official meeting of the owners corporation to seek a formal vote to accept the proposal.

  • Sunstrata takes care of all applications and regulatory requirements before installing and commissioning the solar hardware and SolShare system. Residents update their plans with their existing energy retailer if they want the solar feed-in tariff.

04. Who we serve

If you live in or have an interest in an apartment, you can benefit from going solar with the low-cost, hassle-free Sunstrata solution. We take enquiries from anyone keen to make a change for their building. Whether you’re an investor, owner occupier or tenant, you have the power to take the lead.

  • Your clients will value your approach to sustainability. Retain properties and attract new business with the promise of hassle-free solar energy and a smaller carbon footprint. Follow this link for more info on Sunstrata’s agent program.

  • Lower your electricity costs from day one without having to spend anything upfront. Get live monitoring of your power consumption to empower better choices.

  • Enhance your investment without capital expenditure. A solar installation will improve your property’s value, and you can claim the PPA cost as a tax-deductible expense.

  • Get more control over your carbon footprint. Advocate for solar power in your building to save money and save the environment.

05.Our projects

Solar sharing for apartments is brand new technology. Since SolShare was launched in Sydney only a few years ago it’s already helped hundreds of locals slash their electricity costs and emissions. It’s suitable for buildings of most sizes and vintage, whether it’s a quaint old complex of five, or a brand-new luxury high-rise of 60.

06.Our partners

The Sunstrata solution is made possible by our partnerships with Allume Energy and Energy Terrain. Allume is the brains behind SolShare, inventing it so millions of apartment residents could finally access clean energy from the sun. Energy Terrain is the expert in Power Purchasing Agreements, making it possible for us to get around the cost and ownership barriers of solar sharing.
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