Our offering

Combining years of experience with world-first technology.

At Sunstrata, we draw upon 15 years of industry experience to give Australian apartment residents access to solar power for the first time. We are well versed in the challenges that have prevented apartments from adopting solar. That’s how we know our solution is right.

We have found a way to combine world-first Australian technology with innovative financing to appeal to all stakeholders. It’s early days, but our potential is endless. We have started in Sydney, amongst Australia’s highest density of apartment living, but you will soon see us grow around the country. Watch this space.

01.Our values

The nature of our Power Purchasing Agreement means we are building a long-term relationship with you. You deserve to know what we stand for and the values that guide us.

  • Our goal Is to provide excellent service. We will meet with you in person, return your calls, and generally strive to make the whole process easier for you, from your initial enquiry through to installation and operation.

  • We work to high standards. From the products we supply to the procedures we follow, we make sure everything meets yours and our expectations of quality.

  • We know that our solar solution seems too good to be true. We promise to always be upfront with information, provide honest answers to your questions, and to be clear about terms and agreements so you know exactly what to expect.

  • We have proudly created a solution that makes solar energy for apartments affordable. We guarantee that our rates won’t change for the term of your agreement.

  • Ultimately, everything we do is geared towards creating a more sustainable future – not just by making solar power more accessible, but by using sustainable practices in our day-to-day operations.

02.Our people

Jason Dow
Managing Director

Our managing director Jason Dow has 15 years of experience in the solar industry: eight years with residential projects and seven years with commercial projects for companies like GEM, AGL and Energy Australia. In this time, he’s watched as more and more households have adopted solar power while apartment buildings have been left behind. That’s not for lack of trying. He’s had numerous consultations with apartment residents and managers, but the challenges have often been too hard to overcome.

When Jason was first introduced to SolShare, he immediately saw the benefits. By combining the world-first technology with the PPA finance model, he was able to make the magic happen. As the managing director, Jason is also at the face of the business. He will personally conduct site surveys and field questions because he believes in the solution and is committed to helping millions of apartment residents benefit from solar efficiency.

03.Our partners

Our Sunstrata solution is a result of our partnerships with Allume Energy and Energy Terrain. SolShare, created by Allume, has allowed millions of apartment residents to finally have access to clean solar energy. Energy Terrain’s expertise in Power Purchasing Agreements has enabled us to overcome the cost and ownership barriers unique to multi-tenanted apartment blocks. Combined they make an exciting win -win -win scenario for everyone involved.
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